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For most people, roughly 50 percent of their waking hours are spent at work.

This can be a stat that uplifts people passionate about putting their life into a career, or a number that makes them feel downtrodden about how much of their time is spent feeling unappreciated and overworked.

Aware of this, many companies are flocking to corporate perks like remote work, dogs in the office and fancy coffee machines. But other companies go way beyond these perks to engage their employees.

At viperks, we have a front row seat to some awesome companies, and we’ve seen creative solutions that have blown our mind. Some of these might not work for your organization, but they’ll definitely get you thinking. Here are 10 of the most unique employee engagement ideas we’ve heard.

1. Concierge services
S.C. Johnson offers concierge services to employees to help them free up the time they spend on errands we all hate, like picking up dry cleaning or getting an oil change. They have the pockets to offer this service regularly, but other companies have started offering it occasionally or to employees who earn monthly or quarterly honors.

2. Bring fitness to the office
Many larger companies have on-site fitness facilities, but even companies who can’t afford their own treadmills are engaging employees through fitness. Smart companies now offer trainers who come in and teach yoga classes or lead health programs. Other companies offer regular visits from massage therapists to help heal up workers aching from office chairs.

3. Clean an employee’s house
Evernote was one of the first companies to offer regular house cleaning for employees, offering them a professional cleaning service twice per month. This frees employees up for more important things in the office and at home.

4. Customize workspaces
Help people get up and running by letting them select custom pieces for their workspace and having them set up for their first day on the job. Asana famously does this BIG, giving new team members a $10,000 budget to customize their workstation. Everything the new employee picks is set up before their first day so they don’t have to worry about the usual first day down time of setting up machines and a desk.

5. Give team members a once-in-a-lifetime vacation
Unlimited vacation policies are growing in popularity right now, but they don’t help employees actually use their time off on a vacation that enriches their lives. LoadSpring Solutions gives employees up to $6,000 to travel abroad, hoping the experience will give employees a fresh perspective on the world.

6. Go beyond “until death do you part”
Google is well known for helping families of an employee who passes away, letting employees know their home life is taken care of even in their complete absence.

7. Kill the dress code
In offices where clients don’t regularly come in, does dress code matter? If you’re going for a more creative culture, many companies have learned that it likely does matter — because a dress code is a bummer for creative people.

8. Provide Maternity (and Paternity) leave flexibility
The benefits of offering this incentive have received a lot of national attention lately after Netflix announced plans to give employees unlimited leave after the birth of a new baby. Not every company can offer that much flexibility, but giving new parents time with their family is a great way to keep them engaged with your organization.

9. Put people to bed
Put this one near the top of the most unique suggestions: Zappos has a nap room for employees. The power of naps is well documented, so maybe anyone who seems cranky about this idea just needs to give it a try?

10. Unique Employee Discount Programs
There are multiple ways to do this, but the idea is to give employees a way to purchase goods and services at a discount specifically because they work for your organization. This is our core business at viperks, and we offer our customers an employee discount program that gives employees a company portal to discounts on name brands.

Want to learn more about how you can help your employees be happier and more productive? We’re here to talk https://www.viperks.net/contact.

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