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When it comes to recruiting and retaining top employees for your company, nothing works better than making people want to work for you. One way to entice potential candidates is by going beyond basic benefits and offering something unique in the way of employee perks. 

How can you be creative with your perks? Here are three strategies to help you come up with great perks that fit your organization.

1. Give employees time to recharge
When you’re looking to keep or attract people, face one simple fact: Everybody gives vacation days. So while giving an employee an extra day or two of vacation may help you in the short run, savvy companies are looking at ways to give employees meaningful time off to pursue their passions and recharge their batteries.

One of the most popular ways companies are now doing this is by **giving sabbaticals to employees **to help them recharge and reconnect with their families. This can be done in many different ways, but the idea is that employees don’t just take vacation days here and there for quick family vacations. Instead, they unplug for an extended period of time (anywhere from two weeks to three months).

And if the idea of a sabbatical seems expensive, consider the proven benefits of having loyal, fully charged employees.

Clif Bar, for example, has a turnover rate of less than 3 percent, and they credit their sabbatical program as a big part of this success. Their program begins offering sabbaticals to employees who have been with the company for seven years (double bonus: giving this as a reward for time worked helps recharge employees and it gives employees something to look forward to as they lead up to it).

You don’t have to start with a month-long sabbatical program, but consider how you can encourage your team to take an extended amount of time off to recharge and then come back to work ready to win.

2. Create a deeper personal connection to your company
Build your perks by thinking about why someone would want to work for you — beyond just the work they do. If you have talented employees, they can likely work anywhere. What is it that you can offer them to make them feel a sense of connection to your company?

For most companies, strong personal growth programs that give employees the chance to get recognized are a hit. These programs range from having a more experienced mentor in the company to paying for ongoing training classes at colleges or institutions so that people always feel like they’re moving forward.

With this sense that they are improving constantly by working for you, employees feel more fulfilled, see their path upward and better understand how they can contribute.

3. Offer incentives that help people with their home life
Employees that are happier at home are happier at work, so build in perks that help make your people’s lives better.

One of our partners, Hyland Software, the makers of OnBase, offers employees built-in balance for their lives. They do this by saving people time on those errands that suck everyone’s personal time up, providing in-house dry cleaning service, an on-site barbershop, and a fitness center with classes for employees.

At viperks, we help with balance as well, working with our customers on employee discount programs that give employees the chance to buy name brand goods through a company-branded portal. We’ve seen firsthand that when you offer employees a chance to better their home life from the office, they are more dedicated and engaged.

Want to learn more about how you can help your employees be happier and more productive? We are here to talkhttps://www.viperks.net/contact

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