3 Memorable Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

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Does it feel like the stretch between New Year’s Day and the start of Spring lasts longer than the calendar indicates? As the dreary days of winter drag on, Employee Appreciation Day (March 3rd this year) comes at the perfect time. The groundhog has made his prediction, Valentine’s Day is over — and we all need a pick-me-up.

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Employee Appreciation Day gives you the perfect reason to bring some new or renewed recognition (and spirit) into your office. As the employee appreciation experts, we have a few easy and memorable ideas to get you started:

  1. Bring in on-site pampering services

Who wouldn’t love a free car wash while they work? Or in-office spa services? You can even pick a theme and weave it throughout the day. How about a wellness day, where everyone gets a healthy lunch, yoga at 10 o’clock, a personal nutrition consultation to name just a few ideas.

  1. Recognize the little (and big) things that get overlooked

Need to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day on a budget? Recognition tops the list of items employees look for from their employer; it’s how you gain loyalty, it enhances productivity and it’s free. Why not make March 3rd the annual day everyone gets recognized for the awesome things they do all year? It’s your chance to have fun. Think outside of the typical “President’s Awards” for business success, and consider personal successes as well. Tim in accounting did a great job keeping his candy jar stocked for his coworkers. Sarah always brings in bagels. Katie referred more new employees than anyone else. And Ian always refilled the coffee pods when they were running low. The key is to make it personal and memorable. Get your people involved: have them make recommendations, and (if your budget allows) reward everyone with a little something.

  1. Give people what they want most: time

Whether it’s an extra vacation day, a Friday afternoon off in the spring, tickets to a movie or an evening of childcare services — an employee’s personal time is often precious to them. Show them you understand and value their time by giving them more of it.

Whatever you decide to do, remember the reason you’re doing it: to thank your employees.

We feel employee appreciation should happen every day, but March 3rd is your chance to really reinforce how employee-centric your organization is — while you strengthen the loyalty of the people who make your organization successful.

Want to learn more about how you can recognize your employees for all their hard work? We're here to talk.

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