7 Ingredients to Boost Workplace Happiness

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At viperks we take workplace happiness very seriously and think you should too. After all, part of our mission is to help create happier employees for our customers. Aside from salary, what other ingredients affect employee happiness? Create your perfect recipe for smiling faces.

7 Factors that Determine Workplace Happiness Levels

 Hppy says,

"If everyone looks like they’d rather be at the dentist than at their desks, you’ve got a problem. You may offer competitive salaries, but money isn’t everything when it comes to workplace happiness. Workplace happiness doesn’t always seem important on the surface (after all, work is work! ), but most people spend a third of their day doing their job, which can add up to a lot of unhappiness during their lives if they’re unsatisfied at work."

The ultimate goal is to create a workplace of inspiration, where your employees want to come in everyday. The 7 ingredients that can help get you there:

  1. Recognition
  2. The Right Benefits
  3. Interesting Work
  4. A Healthy Work-Life Balance
  5. Growth and Potential Development
  6. An Inclusive, Transparent & Communicative Environment
  7. Automony

We can definitely help you with number 4, "Perks programs can enhance well-being and make your employees’ lives easier." They put in hard work to earn their paycheck, so why not help them save some cash on items they want and put the savings towards activities they enjoy outside of work.

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