7 Techniques for Enhancing Employee Happiness

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At the end of the day, you just want your employees to be happy.

Sure, you care about them and their well-being in a personal sense, yet this desire is not wholly altruistic. The correlation between employee happiness and productivity is as clear as a Keywest sunset. In one sweeping analysis of 225 academic studies, Harvard Business Review found that happy employees are, on average, 31 percent more productive and produce 37 percent higher sales.

But despite your quest for universal satisfaction in the workplace, it’s apparent that employee happiness can prove fleeting. Today’s work environment consists of long hours, lofty expectations and stressful situations – each of which is hardly conducive to maximizing workforce morale. Sometimes the very phrase “employee happiness” can seem like an oxymoron.

Many of us have difficulty achieving happiness in everyday life, much less doing so at the office. Try as we might, that feeling of total contentment can seem downright illusive. Just how, as a manger, can you succeed with promoting employee happiness in the workplace?

While striving for happiness ultimately represents a personal choice each employee must make, your managerial efforts can provide the pass that leads to the game-winning shot. Here are seven techniques for enhancing employee happiness:

1. Conduct New-Hire Onboarding

Fostering employee happiness starts with putting the right people in place within your company and equipping them with the appropriate knowledge and skills to hit the ground running with confidence. Effective employee onboarding programs have proven to bolster both productivity and retention. When you succeed at making new employees feel “at home” during their first few weeks, they develop a comfort level that nurtures longterm job satisfaction.

2. Cultivate Social Connections

Your company culture defines the way your staff members interact with one another. Since socialization is often recognized as a contributing factor to employee happiness, take measures to encourage the development of positive connections among members of your workforce. Rearrange desk layouts to promote interaction, host workday potlucks and organize after-work functions like happy hours and volunteer opportunities. The emergence of strong workplace friendships will go a long way towards inducing employee happiness.

3. Empower Your Employees for Success

Most of us have an inherent desire to succeed with our professional endeavors. As managers, we carry the responsibility of positioning our staff members to maximize their workplace performance. This managerial objective starts with reducing inefficiencies through stress-relieving initiatives like holding shorter meetings and letting employees work from home when necessary. Establish clear goals, then empower your employees by granting independence with regards to their pursuit of various job functions.

4. Incorporate an Employee Appreciation Program

A token of your appreciation can work wonders with boosting your staff’s collective morale. By partnering with a premier employee discount and appreciation program provider, you’ll secure cost-effective benefits to pass along to your staff. Your employees will obtain incredible prices on the brands they already know and love, and you’ll receive all the credit. It’s the perfect way to demonstrate how much you care and encourage enhanced employee happiness.

5. Promote Good Health

Health and happiness are forever intertwined. Whereas poor health disrupts both happiness and career ambitions, a clean bill of health opens the door for achieving both. You can support healthy lifestyles in the workplace by reducing your staff’s stress burden, subsidizing gym memberships and affording your employees ample time to pursue healthy lunchtime options. You’ll soon discover that, more often than not, a healthy employee is a happy employee.

6. Offer a Unique Employee Perk

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company, instrumental to most of your corporate objectives. When it comes to maximizing employee happiness in order to improve productivity, it’s worthwhile to consider implementing a unique employee engagement idea that establishes a competitive advantage for your company with regards to recruitment and retention. Examples include customizing employee workspaces, eliminating a dress code and incorporating daily naptime.

7. Treat Your Staff as People

Ultimately, your staff members are fellow human beings first and employees second. Treat your team with the respect they deserve and you’ll create a workplace culture associated with happiness. Take steps to break up monotonous routines and provide opportunities for professional growth. While your corporate success is inextricably linked to your staff’s happiness levels, treating people the right way is also simply the right thing to do.

At viperks, maximizing employee happiness is at the heart of everything we do. Our employee discount and appreciation program optimizes employee engagement, putting smiles on your staff members’ faces and boosting your company’s bottom line.

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