7 Things you can do this week to boost employee morale

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Studies regularly show that happy employees are more productive.

This has become fairly well accepted in the business world, but it leaves many organizations feeling overwhelmed. How, exactly, do you go about making an employee happy? Moreover, how can you do it in the short term, before they become disengaged with their job?

At viperks, we have a front row seat to some of the best company cultures in the wor

ld. While many of these organizations have put into place perks that require significant resources, they also share with us simple things they do that can be quickly implemented in almost any organization.

Here are seven things you can do this week to give employee morale a shot in the arm at your company.

1. Share a win
It’s easy for an employee to get caught up in the daily grind and forget the goal of your business. Help them break this with a quick reminder of a customer or product win. Take a 15-minute break with the team to talk about how every cog put together properly made the win possible.

2. Show employees you care about their happiness
Happy teams are productive teams, but there’s more to a happy employee than their job. Stress from home follows employees to work every day. You can help solve this with home life perks like gym memberships. You can also help them have positive experience through employee discount programs that help them provide things for their family. These programs help them do something special at home, like buying their spouse an anniversary present they might not be able to afford otherwise.

3. Do something fun
Take time out of the work day to gather your employees for ad-hoc conversation and a mental break. You don’t always need a full offsite event to build a fun culture. Talk with a couple of local food trucks (or an ice cream truck) and have them stop by your parking lot. Help employees get together and enjoy their day.

4. Say thank you in a public way
Few words can change someone’s attitude faster than thank and you. Highlight a person or small team who did something impressive. Do it in person or, if you have a big organization, put it in the company newsletter or on the Intranet. Make sure you specify the person or people involved and why you’re thankful.

5. Create an experience in the office
Bagels on a Friday morning is a nice perk, but it doesn’t create a culture people want to brag to their friends and family about. Consider bringing an experience to your office that will create real buzz. Some organizations bring in a masseuse for chair massages. Other organizations bring in yoga instructors for an afternoon stretch.

6. Offer training
Good employees demand professional development opportunities so they can grow. While a full mentorship program takes time, start off by partnering your newest employees with trusted veterans. Give the veterans a budget to take the newbies out for coffee or lunch to talk shop.

7. Ask your employees what motivates them
Customer service training often starts with teaching folks how to listen first. That’s because getting people to accept change or think differently is harder when they don’t get to share their feelings. Steal a page from this playbook and meet with small groups of employees to ask them what challenges they're facing. Let them vent about everything from difficult customers to the office bathrooms. They’ll instantly feel better, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll come up with seven more ideas of how you can boost employee morale.

Want to learn more about how you can help your employees be happier and more productive? We’re here to talk.

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