7 Ways Leaders Can Improve Employee Performance

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Now is the time to try to go the extra mile for your employees when you can. Little gestures go along way and do not go unnoticed. Did you know that unengaged employees cost the U.S. economy nearly $450 billion per year?


Only 3 in 10 employees consider themselves engaged in their workplace. 

"The dream of nearly every leader is to inspire their employees to treat the business as if they owned it. We want our employees to care enough to go the extra mile for customers and fellow employees. We don’t want them to just do their tasks to minimum standards, but to do them to the best of their ability."

7 actionable ways leaders can boost employee performance and productivity with engagement:

  1. Set them free.
  2. Catch them doing something right.
  3. Make time for meetings.
  4. Don't throw money at the problem.
  5. Build employee bonds.
  6. Give them a sense of purpose.
  7. Get employees started right.

Be a full service leader, someone your employees can depend on to inspire and build them up. Do you have ideas to add? Comment below OR find us on Facebook or Twitter at @getviperks.

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