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perk-me-up-1.jpgDays pass and seasons change, but our dedication to innovative employee engagement remains unwavering. At viperks, we have witnessed employee solutions that push the boundaries of creativity. Each month we highlight one unique employee engagement idea as our "Perk-Me-Up of the Month." Think of it as a free monthly subscription to the best corporate perks around.

When some organizations hear "employee discount programs," they think it refers to employees receiving a deal on goods and services the company offers.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with giving employees discounts on the products or services your company offers. You want your people to live (and love) your brand and be proud of the company they work for.


However, a true employee discount program is a company perk that gives your staff access to discounts on items they want and need. It's a deal on products from electronics to toys to houseware. Done correctly, a discount program carries the company message to reinforce that being part of the organization has made it possible to get quality deals.

In our opinion, the best employee discount programs provide employees exclusive access to the best products at the best prices. We're talking those hot new items that your people --- and perhaps more importantly, their spouses and children --- really want.

Real Deals

Your employee discount program should offer real deals. What do we mean by real? If your employees can find the same deal or better elsewhere, it's not a company perk. Actually, it's not a perk at all. The deals should be offered on a private, company-branded platform that only YOUR people can access.

And "deals" on refurbished or older models aren't perks either. Employee discount programs should offer brand new, name-brand merchandise with full manufacturers warranties.

Ready to delight and thrill (and thus motivate and engage) your employees and put a smile on their face? Ready to become the company hero? Then it's time to implement a real employee discount program.

The Benefits of Employee Discount Programs

Everyone loves a deal, and corporate perks are more important now than ever. According to Glassdoor, nearly three in five (57%) people say benefits and perks are among their top considerations before accepting a job.

Still not convinced? Check out the CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies in America for 2016. A common thread with these companies is that they go above and beyond to engage employees and create positive work environments --- a big part of it are their employee discount programs.

Still, as important as employee culture and engagement are, many HR departments’ resources and budgets are spread thin. That's the great thing about employee discount programs --- when done right, they are easy to implement and administer and come with little or no cost to you.

And they can tie into your existing employee rewards programs. At Zappos, employees (known as Zapponians) get deals on the company's products, as well as local discounts. Recently, they added an employee discount program to those offerings, and engagement went through the roof. Nearly 100 percent of Zapponians are enrolled in the employee discount program, and those people have saved nearly $10,000!

At Goodyear, HR executives wanted to show appreciation to the 3,000 associates working at its global headquarters in Akron, OH, as well as the other 21,000 employees they have throughout the U.S. The answer was an employee discount program, and again, the results have been amazing. Registration continues to climb month-over-month, and Goodyear associates, have saved over $30,000!

Why Employees Love Employee Discount Programs

It's simple. Benefits and corporate perks make employees feel appreciated. Employees that feel appreciated are loyal and productive. Loyal and productive employees are happier employees.

Employee discount programs save people two of the most important commodities --- time and money. They get 24/7 access to exclusive deals that they just can't find anywhere else.

Deals are great, and people love them, but when you help employees buy that big ticket item they've always wanted, or bring home something that's going to blow their spouse's or children's minds, you're leaving an indelible mark on your people, while building engagement and loyalty.

At viperks, we aim to clean up any shortcomings you're experiencing with employee engagement. We offer your employees real perks, implementing a discount and appreciation program that drives employee happiness and productivity in the workplace. The result? You enjoy bottom-line results reflecting enhanced employee engagement.

Want to learn more about how you can help your employees be happier and more productive? We're here to talk...

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