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We know every other article or post these days concerning HR seems to be centered around employee recruitment, engagement, and retention. It’s hard to sift through it all, but HR Magazine did just that in their September “Perks that Work” issue. The cover depicts the proverbial carrot every employer dangles in front of potential candidates or employees.

Most importantly the article states, “Offering perks that provide financial relief can be a powerful recruitment and retention tool, even if employers aren’t willing to increase salaries.” At viperks we celebrate being able to offer employers a way to provide that financial relief to their employees. We curate hundreds of real discounts on our site from electronics to travel to home goods, and everything in between. Impact your staff outside the office and beyond your traditional benefits. 

Tim Easterwood, a president and practice leader within the Voluntary Benefits Consulting Group at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. in Itasca, Ill., says “Different generations have varying desires and interests when it comes to benefits”, but “something that crosses all different segments - not just generational divides” is the most appealing. So offering something that all employees can take advantage of is the best course of action. Whether they are buying movie tickets or finally getting that flat screen tv, the key is your staff is getting exactly what they WANT and NEED.  

“We believe delighted employees lead to delighted clients. A happy employee is a better employee,” states Rae Shanahan, chief strategy officer at Businessolver. So do we Rae, so do we!

What kind of perks does your company or employer offer? Comment below or via @getviperks on Twitter. #PerksThatWork 

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