How Discount Programs Enhance the Employee Experience

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discount_program.pngIf you've got great employees, you know they're worth their weight in gold. But are you doing all you can to keep them? What are you doing to increase employee engagement and motivation and enhance the employee experience?

According to research from ERE Media, 65 percent of adults look at new jobs within 91 days of starting a new job, and 44 percent subscribe to job alerts, employed or not. Therefore a heighten focus should be placed on why people are leaving?

The easy answer is more money. But, in trying business conditions, that might not be feasible. Not only that, employees want more than just monetary benefits --- they want perks that can make life easier. As stated in a recent HR Magazine article, "Offering perks that provide financial relief can be a powerful recruitment and retention tool, even if employers aren't willing to increase salaries."

A Perk That Provides Financial Relief - Employee Discounts

Every company wants to increase employee engagement and motivation. Several factors impact whether or not an employee will be loyal to a company and will go above and beyond for that company, but perhaps above all else, employees just want to be recognized and appreciated.

That's where viperks comes in --- we help build your culture by offering an easy way to say “thank you”, by saving your employees time and money on products they need and want.

Our online branded “company store” platform provides  employees exclusive access to a  discount shopping experience guaranteed to be cheaper than Amazon.

How do we make that happen?

viperks' merchandising team scours the market place, researches the trends, shops the trade shows, and analyzes the competition to determine the best deal, so we can beat it! Your employees save time and money, and thus, their morale is boosted. And when morale is up, people tend to work harder and become more connected to your company.

It’s no secret. Benefits make employees feel appreciated. Employees that feel appreciated are loyal and productive. Loyal and productive employees want to stay put.

Ready to put a smile on your employee's face?

At viperks, our mission is to create happier employees…give them bragging rights on an incredible deal they just landed through the company store. We do this by offering:

1. Best Price Guarantee: viperks negotiates exclusive access to exceptional savings on  products your employees want, creating a real perk.

2. Culture Building Messaging: viperks includes your company's custom messaging, which reinforces and aligns your employees with your mission, vision, and core values.

3. Curated Products: viperks utilizes industry connections to offer current-year, in-demand merchandise from respected brands in every product category.

4. Dedicated Support: viperks subscribes to a gold standard of customer service.

5. Comprehensive Utilization Reports: viperks tracks participation rates and total purchases on your behalf.

6. Turnkey Solutions for HR: viperks oversees the entire customer experience from enrollment in the perks program to their receipt of highly-sought merchandise.

7. Integrated Rewards and Recognition Tools: viperks lets you reward your staff and reap the benefits associated with happy employees.

At the end of the day, your employees get amazing prices on the brands they already know and love --- and you get to know that you enhanced the employee experience.

Want to learn more? We’re here to talk. 


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