How to Roll out an Employee Discount Program with a Small Budget

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We feel your pain.

Handling human resources in today’s high turnover climate isn’t easy. Your inbox is likely full and you’ve got a very small budget to use on what seems like an endless number of new program choices.

You know employee culture and engagement can make an impact on the bottom line, but you just want to be careful with your budget to maximize your efforts.

We’ve heard this from HR leaders all over the country at viperks, which is why we’ve made it easier to roll out our employee discount program at no cost.

Our program is meant to help round out a balanced approach to employee engagement and appreciation. We know it’s often a big puzzle piece in tying your company’s brand to employee happiness.

Our employee discount programs gives your staff access to discounts on purchases that can improve their home and personal lives. From the major personal item you have always wanted,to a gift for a spouse or child. Done correctly, a discount program carries the company message to reinforce that being part of the organization has made it possible to get quality deals. As a result,it helps drive employee engagement and happiness. Because who doesn’t like a deal.

Our Basic pricing plan is free, meaning that you can turn on the principal benefits of our system — turnkey digital communications, usage metrics and management of your employee list — without any risk. This gives you the flexibility to give your culture efforts a shot in the arm without taking any financial risk.

You know the technology game well enough to know,there is a Pro plan that goes well beyond this Basic plan. It offers a slew of additional benefits that will really help you fine tune your program and tie brand messaging to your company’s portal. When you’re ready, this plan is a true way to measure the results of your employee discount program. Many of our customers end up here after trying our free plan, but only once they’ve seen the clear benefits for their organization.

But let’s start with the basics, so to speak. We know your job is difficult. We’d like to give you an affordable program (who doesn’t like free?!) to help you make the culture you want at your organization.

It’s easy to get started and your team could be up and running later today. We know how tough your job is. Let us help.

Want to learn more about how you can help your employees be happier and more productive? We’re here to talk.

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