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Days pass and seasons change, but our dedication to innovative employee engagement remains unwavering. At viperks, we have witnessed employee solutions that push the boundaries of creativity. Each month we’ll highlight one unique employee engagement idea as our “Perk-Me-Up of the Month.” Think of it as a free monthly subscription to the best corporate perks around. For November: Kill the Dress Code.

The demands placed upon modern-day employees are numerous. But should being well-dressed be one of them?

For today’s workforce, critical thinking skills, high-level problem solving capabilities, extensive knowledge base and technological aptitude represent standard skill-set expectations pertaining to many professional employments. Hiring managers seek employees who can cultivate these skills and apply them to a particular job function.

In theory, though, high-achieving employees can exude all these workplace talents and more…and do so while sporting jeans and sneakers. Success and being dressed for success need not be one and the same.

Although it’s been said that “appearance is everything,” some new-age employers are starting to believe otherwise. Much to the chagrin of traditionalists, dress codes have fallen by the wayside – or at least been loosened – in many offices. Data indicates that 90 percent of employers offer some type of casual dress code, and one-third of companies allow relaxed attire every day.

The dress-down trend proves especially important for companies aiming to appeal to the Millennial workforce. According to one study, 93 percent of Millennials say they want a job where “they can be themselves at work, and that includes dressing in a way that makes them comfortable.”

As “Casual Friday” gives way to “Casual Every Day” in some workplaces, it’s worthwhile to consider the positive aspects of this transformation. Here are five benefits associated with empowering your employees to dress down while on the job:

1. Create a Casual Culture
Many employees flourish within a more relaxed atmosphere. This setting enables them to alleviate stress and focus more freely on the task at hand. By removing a dress code, you’ll foster an environment where employees are judged by performance rather than appearance. In particular, many high-profile tech companies like Google and Facebook have developed reputations for featuring cultures free of stuffiness and stringent dress requirements.

2. Foster Expression and Individuality
Freedom of choice affords your employees the opportunity to express themselves with their attire, thereby promoting creativity and free flow of ideas. Each of your staff members brings unique skills and attributes to the table – why enforce a dress code that effectively lumps each employee together? Empower your employees to be themselves, and their best talents will emerge for the betterment of your company.

3. Improve Employee Morale
Employee happiness is often linked to feeling appreciated. By allowing your employees to dress down as they see fit, you’re indicated that their well-being trumps outdated office traditions like dress codes. Similar to an employee rewards program such as that available from viperks, the offering of a relaxed dress code represents yet another way to make yourself stand out as an employee-friendly company.

4. Differentiate Workdays
When you allow your employees to dress down regularly, you can leverage this setup to emphasize the importance of particular workdays. Participating in a make-or-break sales pitch? Professional dress is in order. Attending a trade show? Business casual dress will likely suffice. Having an office day? Might as well dress down and be comfortable. This level of attire flexibility can assist with prioritizing the tasks each day brings.

5. Bolster Your Recruitment
Recruiting and retaining top talent requires that you distinguish your company from the corporate masses. Impress prospective employees by offering casual dress, an open-floor workplace concept and other elements of a modernized office environment. By drawing in the best available employment candidates, you’ll maintain a professional work environment, even if jeans and sneakers rule the day.

At viperks, there’s no need to dress up our innovative employee engagement solutions. We offer best-in-class perks resulting in enhanced employee engagement, happiness and productivity.

Want to learn more about how you can help your employees be happier and more productive? We’re here to talk.

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