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Days pass and seasons change, but our dedication to innovative employee engagement remains unwavering. At viperks, we have witnessed employee solutions that push the boundaries of creativity. Each month we’ll highlight one unique employee engagement idea as our “Perk-Me-Up of the Month.” Think of it as a free monthly subscription to the best corporate perks around. For December: Put Employees to Bed.

Nothing quite compares to a good night’s sleep. You wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day.

Unfortunately, though, few Americans regularly experience the sensation of restfulness. It’s estimated many only receive 6.5 hours of sleep during weeknights – significantly less than the typical recommendation of eight hours.

The consequences of constant sleep deprivation? Workplaces marked by grogginess, excessive caffeine consumption and reduced productivity. More than one-third of adults admit to daytime sleepiness that interferes with work. Furthermore, it’s estimated lack of sleep costs our nation $63 billion annually in lost productivity.

Thankfully, some concerned companies are taking notice and addressing this aspect of employee well-being. The days of having to sneak a power nap underneath your desk may soon be over.

Innovative companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Nike and Zappos furnish employees with nap rooms or sleep facilities, demonstrating a next-level commitment to employee wellness. And with good reason – research indicates even a quick 20-minute snooze can improve employee productivity. Meanwhile, one academic found naps of 30-90 minutes in the afternoon can bolster creativity.

So the next time you catch your employees stifling yawns, offer a quiet room with a cot. Your staff’s short-term altered consciousness could result in bottom-line benefits for your company in the long run.

With viperks, you can rest easy knowing your employees are in good hands. We offer best-in-class perks resulting in enhanced employee engagement, happiness and productivity.

Want to learn more about how you can help your employees be happier and more productive? We’re here to talk.

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