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Everywhere you look, more companies are putting employee engagement higher on their lists of what they want to improve for their businesses. And, with 50% of millennials planning on leaving their current company in one year, businesses are realizing the employee experience is the biggest key to retaining employees and building a positive company culture.

Consider this, your employees are looking for something more than monetary rewards. Your staff wants something that makes them feel more appreciated by the company. Instead of handing them a check, why not provide them with a  discount shopping experience guaranteed to be cheaper than Amazon. The viperks program is just that! An online branded "company-store " platform with exclusive discounts on the best brands and products.

The truth is, people love deals. Everyone enjoys getting popular brand name products for a discount. It’s a sure way to put a smile on your employees face and at the same time have them appreciated your company’s goodwill effort.

viperks today – in time for the holidays

If you're considering signing up for viperks’ employee discount program, be sure to act now, rather than later. With the holiday season coming up, your staff will be thrilled to find that you’ve given them access to big savings on the products and brands they know and love. Don't wait, get started with viperks today so your online “company store” is up and running in time for the holidays.

At the end of the day, your employees get amazing prices on popular brands --- you get the credit along with happy and appreciative employees…because who doesn’t love a deal.

Let's Get Started

Viperks is easy to launch and simple to use.

Step one: Provide all your employees’ names and email addresses, your company’s mission/vision/core values, and logo with company colors to viperks’ customer experience manager.

Step two: Sit back and in two -three days your private online company store will be ready to launch. viperks creates all the launch announcements with instructions on how employees can activate their free accounts. There is no on-going administration work.

Ready to move foward with viperks  we're here to talk.


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