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Every year when Father’s Day rolls around, I always find myself reflecting on the many life lessons my dad taught me growing up. My favorite “fatherly” advice? Always be yourself, and don’t apologize for it.

Surprisingly enough, this life motto has carried over into my work life—I say surprisingly because sometimes, being yourself in your career can backfire. However, it’s given me the opportunities that I want most. And if you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you know that culture is of the utmost importance to us pesky millennials (aka the new workforce).

In honor of Father’s Day, I thought it would be fun to ask the viperks’ team about important life lessons they learned from dad—business and otherwise. Here’s what they had to say about how the advice helped them in their careers:

Eric Golubitsky, CEO

Dad’s advice: “The single biggest trait my father has instilled in me is tenacity.”

How the advice shaped my career: “In 1980, my family immigrated to America from Russia, which was not an easy thing back then. My father came to America with two young children under the age of 5, my mother, his sister and mother-in-law, and he worked his butt of to fulfill the American Dream. He created an amazing legacy for himself and sent more than 100 Visas on his dime to relatives in Russia which has blossomed now to thousands of people who now reside in Northeast Ohio. Regarding my career, it has taught me tenacity, the value of a dollar, appreciation and to think big, which have all been super applicable to viperks and its success.”

Scott Moss, VP

Dad’s advice: “If you fail at one thing, you can always do something else.”

How the advice shaped my career: “My dad’s advice taught me to always stay positive and never be afraid to try and fail at anything.”

Carol Davis, VP of Engineering

Dad’s advice: “Be financially independent, and no matter what job you have signed up for, do it to the best of your ability.”

How the advice shaped my career: “I have worked since I was 16 years old, moved out when I was 18 years old, and have never relied on anyone else’s income. With this advice, I have garnered myself a reputation at work for being self-sufficient and reliable (at least I hope).”

Tammy Wise, Director of Marketing

Dad’s advice: “Hire the best people, treat employees and clients with respect and always underpromise and overdeliver.”

How the advice shaped my career: “My dad’s words of wisdom are my guiding principles, especially, when it comes to hiring people. My dad would say, if you find a quality person hire him or her, even if you don’t have a position available. Why? Because quality people are difficult to find and you can figure out how best to use their talents once they are hired.”

Marla Moss, Customer/Project Manager

Dad’s advice: “Staying true to yourself and being honest with those around you will always propel you further in your career.”

How the advice shaped my career: “After 30+ years working as a dentist, my dad is able to put his head down on his pillow at night knowing he truly wanted to help his patients and not make money off of them. I hold that close to my heart, as I believe in always being honest in the business world.”

Jared Rube, Strategic Initiatives

Dad’s advice: “Have the highest ethics, highest morals and highest integrity.”

How the advice shaped my career: “This has helped me stand by my personal integrity and in large part, made me who I am today. In my short career, I have been able to define my own path and choose how I live.”

Jackie Roberson, Account Executive

Dad’s advice: “The words I remember my father saying the most are integrity, character, and honesty. He would tell me that people pick up on those things. He would also tell me to never sacrifice my character to get ahead in my career or in life in general. If you're honest, things develop naturally and you build a better, long-lasting business relationship and a lot of times, a legitimate friendship.”

How the advice shaped my career: “It was only a few months after I started working at viperks that my dad's advice paid off. We were at a conference in Chicago called HR Tech. It was kind of a flop for us because it wasn't the right audience. My colleague and I were a little discouraged after a rough first day. We were eating dinner at the hotel bar when a man walked up next to me and introduced himself. ‘Hi, I'm Tony. How's the conference going for you guys so far?’ We told him how it was going okay but the attendees aren't the types of professionals that we typically work with. He answered, ‘Well you know... My most lucrative business deals have been made with people that I've met right here in this hotel bar.’

My colleague went to his room, and I decided to stay and keep talking to Tony. He seemed interesting. We ended up having an honest, open conversation about our families and life history. We realized that we had a lot in common and related well to each other. Tony and I met in October of last year and still talk weekly. We're good friends, and he's introduced us to some huge potential customers. He's even partnered with us to offer our users and companies a student loan relief program that he's involved in called GotZoom.”

Katie Janosek, eCommerce Merchandiser

Dad’s advice: “Save your money and pay more than the minimum payment on your credit card.”

How the advice shaped my career: “A lot of my friends learned that lesson the hard way and have mounds of credit card debt, but my dad had been drilling that in my head since I was 12 years old, so I have none! And since I put money in my savings, I was able do things like live in NYC, which had a major influence on my career choices.”

Well, there you have it. We would love to hear some of your life lessons learned from dad. Drop us a line in the comments below, and we’ll share some of our favorites on social media.

Happy Father’s Day!


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