What is an Employee Discount Program?

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 For many, it may seem like a difficult time for human resource departments.

Everywhere you look there is a new article about how employee engagement is at an all-time low, there is the constant push to engage staff and attract new talent with creative programs. And, all this is suppose to happen with less staff, less budget and less support.

But for companies who make culture a priority, it’s also an age of creativity. Organizations who treat culture as a first class citizen have an opportunity to find unconventional ways to engage employees and compete for talent. This includes employee enhancement tools like employee discount programs.

What is an employee discount program?

An employee discount program is a company perk that gives your staff access to discounts on home and personal items. It's a deal on products from the major personal item you have always wanted,to a gift for a spouse or child.Done correctly, a discount program carries the company message to reinforce that being part of the organization has made it possible to get quality deals. As a result,it helps drive employee engagement and happiness. Because who doesn’t like a deal.

Many discount programs offer reduced pricing on high value items that employees might not be able to purchase at full cost. With our program at viperks, we focus on discounts on top name brands, everyday brands and unique fair trade products.

There are several ways such a program can be implemented. But regardless of what kind of program you implement, the focus should be on perks and discounts that improves employees live’s and are clearly delivered with the company’s brand.

This type of program is not the first step in improving the culture at most companies. But for companies who drive their business through an emphasis on culture, a discount program is the kind of perk that helps to round out a complete strategy that will help retain happy employees.

At viperks, we help our customers think about and build employee discount and appreciation programs for organizations that have already made a strong culture the bedrock of their employee retention strategy. When these companies are ready for the next step, we offer a discount program tailored to their brand and messaging. 

Want to learn more about how you can help your employees be happier and more productive?

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