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A Complete Appreciation Program to Help Create Happier Employees

How does viperks stack up against the competition? We’re glad you asked!

Our turnkey solution for HR teams lets you quickly and affordably roll out a branded discount shopping portal for employees that shares your company message.

Even better, viperks has the real deals. Many of the discount promotions on competitor sites are not exclusive or are actually deals pulled in from other vendor sites. This means employees search through pages of mediocre deals, then end up seeing pricing that could be found elsewhere online. Even worse, when it comes to purchasing tickets to sporting events or movies, they often run into additional fees!

To keep things easy, we offer a limited number of the best deals that are exclusive to viperks. Get started today at and feel the mojo awesome employee discounts create.

1. Best Price Guarantee

If it's not the best price, it's not a true perk. You're employees will see that, so why even offer it?

2. Culture Building Messaging

If you're not reinforcing your mission, vision and values, you're missing a great opportunity for better employee engagement.

3. Curated Products

It should be about the quality of the products and brands offered at deep discounts, not the quantity of items with mediocre discounts your employees can get without you.

4. Dedicated Support

You and your employees will be well-taken care of by a specialist in on-boarding and customer service. Our team is accountable to you.

5. Shopping Tools

The alert me and gifting calendar functionality creates a better shopping experience and saves your employees time and money.

6. Comprehensive Utilization Reports

The actionable metrics we track and analyze ensure your employees see trending products based on their needs and wants. And you get full utilization data to better understand ROI.

7. Turnkey Solutions for HR

You're busy, maybe short-staffed and over-burdened. So rest easy knowing the program manages itself, with a little help from us, of course.

8. Own the Retail Transaction and Customer Experience

With our gold standard customer service philosophy, we personally take care of your employees so they feel like real VIP's.

9. Program Promotion to Employees

Drives awareness & participation. If your employees don't know how great your perks are, they won't feel great about you.

10. Integrated Rewards & Recognition Tool

It's not just about great deals. It's about showing your employees you recognize how important they are and reward them for that - all from one platform.

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